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    Chiropractic Care For Better Sleep

    Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders and sleep problems. These problems can be caused by a wide range of factors, from genetics, to physical ailments, to causes in your environment. If you’re suffering from poor sleep and the health problems that come from not getting enough rest, a chir…Read More

  2. Habits to Improve Your Posture

    If you’ve fallen into bad habits when it comes to your posture, it can be difficult to break out of your routine. However, by making some conscious changes in your routine and taking care to be mindful of your posture during your daily life, this is an achievable change. The overall health benefit…Read More

  3. Avoiding Back Pain At Work

    Many of us are accustomed to the 40 hour work week and spending a large portion of our day sitting in an office setting. While an office job typically doesn’t contain the physical stress of manual labor, you should still take precautions for your health while at work! Even if more of us have trans…Read More

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    Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

    Many people view a visit to the chiropractor as a last resort, something you only do after an accident occurs or after the pain becomes too much to handle. However, we urge you to consider the benefits of regular chiropractic care. Much like dental care, if you neglect regular checkups and only visi…Read More

  5. Is Your Bed Causing Back Pain?

    Are you experiencing mysterious back pain? Although you never want to experience back pain as a result of a sports injury or car accident, at the very least these can be obvious causes of your ailment. There is an added layer of frustration when you don’t know the cause, as you not only want to re…Read More

  6. Chiropractic Care After Your Car Accident

    The aftermath of a car accident can leave you with more than just a damaged car. In fact, automotive accidents can leave your body with lasting pain and damage. At our chiropractic center, we know that you’re already busy dealing with your car insurance company and repairing the damage done to you…Read More

  7. Tips for How to Properly Lift Heavy Items

    If you’ve started experiencing back, leg, or arm pain, an improper lifting technique could be to blame. If you’re in a job that requires you to lift heavy objects, or if you’ve been in a position where you’re moving heavy objects around, make sure you’re lifting in a way that supports your…Read More

  8. We Got Your Back, Baby!

    Babies are so cute but so heavy. Classic problem, with seemingly two bad outcomes. Either you pick up the tiny 20 pound human and hurt your back or not pick the baby up at all (a solution that has mothers everywhere in outrage). See the thing about picking up children is that, at first, they’re su…Read More

  9. Get A Move On

    Summer is always a busy time of year! If you’re not personally moving into a new home, then we can almost guarantee that you know someone who is. As a good friend or close family member, you’ll probably get roped into helping someone else move, especially if you want their help moving in the fut…Read More

  10. What A Pain In The Neck!

    You’re probably taking your neck for granted. The average human head weighs 11 pounds, which may not sound a lot, but that’s heavier than the ball most people choose to bowl with. Often times we don’t think about our neck and the heavy lifting it is constantly doing, especially in our day to d…Read More