If you’ve fallen into bad habits when it comes to your posture, it can be difficult to break out of your routine. However, by making some conscious changes in your routine and taking care to be mindful of your posture during your daily life, this is an achievable change. The overall health benefits of improving your posture will make you glad you did! In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some steps to take to achieve better posture.

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What Does Good Posture Look Like?

Before you can improve your posture, you have to know what better posture actually looks like! Here are some general tips you should keep in mind:

  • Your back should be straight, without slouching
  • Your head should rest straight above your shoulders
  • Your shoulders should be in line over your hips
  • Maintain the natural curves of your spine — the neck, mid back, and lower back — without accentuating them
  • Be mindful of not straining your neck at a computer, phone, book, etc.

Make a Conscious Effort

Until proper posture becomes a second-nature habit, you’ll have to be sure you make a conscious effort to remember your efforts to improve your posture. If you have a job that requires long periods of sitting at a computer, bad posture can begin to creep in as you become focused on work and block out other distractions.

If you find yourself slumped over throughout the day, don’t get down on yourself. We recommend leaving a reminder such as a sticky note on your computer, or using your phone to set periodic reminders to check your posture. Continue to keep your posture on your mind throughout your day as you work, watch television, walk around, and complete the rest of your daily routine, and you can begin to make positive changes over time.

Exercise Regularly

Many of us are guilty of not getting as much exercise as we should, and this could be negatively impacting your posture. Even if you’re not running long distances or working out regularly, making an effort to be even slightly more active throughout the day can be great for your posture and overall health. Forms of exercise such as yoga, which focuses on stretching your entire body out, can have an enormous positive impact.

If you work in an office setting (or if you’re working from home), take regular breaks throughout the day to get up from your workspace and walk around. Not only can this be a great tool to clear your head and refocus on work, it can help you stretch out and improve posture. Keeping your weight in check also has the benefit of reducing additional strain on your spine and the rest of your body, which makes better posture an easier task.

Consider Your Mattress and Your Shoes

Maybe you’ve heard a variation of the saying that you should always invest in your mattress and your shoes. After all, you’re in contact with one or the other for most of your entire life! 

Your bed could be causing back pain and worsening your posture if your mattress is worn out, or is either too soft or too firm. You want to be sure your mattress is firm enough to provide the proper support, but soft enough to not push too hard on your spine’s pressure points. If your mattress is older than seven to ten years, it’s definitely time to start shopping for a newer one that supports your spinal health!

You could think of good posture as starting from the ground up, so make sure the shoes you wear in your daily life prioritize good habits for your posture! We don’t mean you have to throw out all your high-heeled shoes, but keep in mind that high heels can change the way you stand and put more pressure on your muscles and spine, ultimately affecting your posture. Great shoes should be comfortable and provide support for the natural curve of your foot, which in turn provides support for the natural curve of your spine. Similar to a mattress, your shoes should be neither too firm or too soft, providing the support you need while allowing some cushion.

Visit a Chiropractor

Unfortunately, some people view a visit to a chiropractic office as either a last resort, or something that you only have to do very rarely. In fact, a chiropractor can help you improve your spinal health in many ways, and regularly visiting the chiropractor can have a huge range of benefits.

An experienced, trusted chiropractor has the knowledge to ask the right questions and examine your posture to ensure the best path for your health going forward. A chiropractor can help with activator method adjustments, work with your muscles in addition to your spine, and give you other useful information when it comes to stretching and other steps to take to improve your posture and overall health.

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We recommend making an effort to follow the above tips to improve your posture going forward. Your spine will certainly thank you, and it’s never too late to make a positive change! 

If you haven’t visited a chiropractor in a long time — or ever — you may be amazed at how much better you’ll feel with the proper adjustments. In addition to implementing these tips, contact Prospect Family Chiropractic Center in Oakland Park or Fort Lauderale to see the benefits of professional chiropractic care.