Activator Method and Your Chiropractic Care Solutions

When you think about chiropractic care, do you imagine a specialist twisting you around and shoving your joints into alignment? Well, we can assure you not all chiropractic therapy practices are alike. Sure, there are chiropractors that are a bit more forceful with their care methods, but not us. At Prospect Family Chiropractic, we use gentle methods to provide our clients with pain-free treatments.

What is the Activator Method?

We use the Activator Method to keep our treatment gentle, focused, and effective. This high-speed, low-force instrument is used to adjust the spine to its normal position. We choose to only perform adjustments and treatment to evidence-based suggestions from our full-body assessments, x-rays, and your pain level. This means you won’t receive unnecessary treatment for your non-problem areas, which makes your treatment more exact and hopefully, helpful.

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Dr. Moran has earned an Advanced Proficiency Rating Certification in the activator method, which is the highest certification a practitioner can obtain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Experience the Activator Method for Yourself

Whether you’ve received Activator intervention before or you are curious to see how it works, we are here to serve. It’s pretty easy to access our world-class care, and we’ve outlined the process for you below.

  1. Schedule your first appointment
  2. We’ll have you fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms at your first appointment
  3. Moran will give you a full body assessment
  4. If you need x-rays, we’ll take them right there and go over the results with you
  5. After thoroughly reviewing your assessment with you, we’ll give you treatment that day
  6. We’ll send you home with a detailed progression plan as well care you can give yourself at home

Why the Activator Method Works

If only one joint is having trouble, there’s no reason for us to twist a bunch of others out of place to address it; this type of chiropractic care just causes more issues. Instead, we use a small instrument called an Activator to apply quick, low-force pulses to spinal joints. This type of therapeutic intervention is actually the most common type in our industry because it is so effective. Make an appointment with us today to learn more!