You’re probably taking your neck for granted.

The average human head weighs 11 pounds, which may not sound a lot, but that’s heavier than the ball most people choose to bowl with. Often times we don’t think about our neck and the heavy lifting it is constantly doing, especially in our day to day lives. Think about all the weight, pressure, and motion your neck absorbs to keep your brain safe.

Your neck is doing a tremendous amount of work regardless of what you’re up to: dancing, kissing your partner, working out, sleeping, or even trying to take off a shirt that’s too tight. Given all the hair flips your neck endures during the day, it’s no surprise sometimes it begins to hurt. We’ve put together a list of helpful steps to help relieve and prevent neck pain from happening to you.

Check Your Tech

It’s almost impossible to live in today’s world without technology. As our technology develops, so do our bodies and mindsets. Posture has especially become an issue regarding today’s gadgets and gizmos. Here are some tips for reducing strain and pressure on your neck during those long office hours or those whole afternoons you accidentally spent on Youtube.

  • Make your computer monitor eye-level. This means you eye level should naturally fall on the upper third of the computer screen from a proper sitting position.
  • Pull your phone up to your face. When you eat at the dinner table, you always bring the food to your face, not your face to the food. Much in the same, we suggest bringing your phone to your face, not vice versa. You might feel silly at first but ultimately your neck and back will thank you, especially as you grow older.
  • Get your 80s yuppie on and buy yourself a headset if you make phone calls frequently throughout the day. Then you won’t be tilting your head at weird angles to hold your phone, causing cricks in your neck.


Lifestyle Activities

Don’t worry, we’ve chosen some very easy life updates that little work with high reward. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. These little life improvements are small and allow your body to adjust appropriately.

  • Hydrate or die-drate! Start pounding that water bottle, humans should be drinking at least two liters of water a day to keep our body moving like a well oiled machine. Water is especially healthy for the spongy discs between your vertebrae along your spine.
  • Use bags with proper support. We have a lot of stuff to carry around with us most of the time. Make sure you are using a bag that evenly distributes the weight of your things and offers your neck and shoulders support. Luckily, tiny backpacks are roomy, cute, and in style!
  • Pick a new pillow. Yup! Your neck pain could be directly caused by the position you’re sleeping in. Get a new pillow that feels better. Listen to your body, your neck will tell you if you need more support, less lift, or even two pillow structures to rotate between.

(Chiro)Practical Solutions

Most of these tips are great preventative measures and don’t always once the pain is already present. So, if none of these tips have helped and your still need neck pain relief, please come into Prospect Family Chiropractic Center! Chiropractic care is an excellent way to realign your spine and relieve pressure or other issues building between your vertebrae. We offer high-quality services and with over a decade of experience, we’re ready to tackle any neck issues coming our way. We prioritize your comfort and care; we want to help you feel as good as new. Schedule an appointment now and begin your personalized treatment plan as soon as possible!