Auto Accident CarePer Florida’s insurance restrictions, if you have been in an auto accident, you have 14 days to seek care before being disqualified for insurance benefits. Beyond the obvious health advantages of getting yourself checked out right after an accident, seeking medical attention quickly can help if your claim ends up in court. The legal system will need to know you’re receiving care from a licensed practitioner. You may even have to share your treatment progress. At Prospect Family Chiropractic Center, we can be your medical ally in accident recovery. We create progression plans for each of our clients and can easily provide any documentation you may need.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accidents Infographic

The Ideal Post-Accident Care Protocol

  1. Seek treatment inside your 14-day window to ensure you do not forfeit benefits
  2. Schedule your first appointment with the Prospect Family Chiropractic Center
  3. At your first appointment, we will have you fill out a questionnaire about your auto-accident
  4. Moran will give you a full-body assessment
  5. If x-rays are needed, they will be taken and examined with you
  6. After thoroughly going over your assessment, you will receive treatment the same day
  7. You will receive a detailed progression plan as well as items that you can be working on at home

The human body shows distress in many different ways. The troubles we mentioned on this page are just a slice of the conditions we can help heal. At Prospect Family Chiropractic Center, we bring over a decade of experience to the table, and we’re passionate about bringing you lasting relief. Contact us today.